Charanjeet Singh

Dont bother about the negatives from 2% out of a many members. You just have to understand the timeshare concept and enjoy the joys with your luved ones. I am fully satisfied member from Punjab . Just follow the following and you should not have any hang ups.

1. holiday every year.

2. plan out your holiday 2/3 months in advance to the minutes detail

3. keep two holiday destination choices.

4. fooding at non resort joints partially help save that extra for an extra shopping
5. use CDE Membership for best hotels

6.all the jokers who crib about Club destinasia members have no or minimum knowledge about timeshare. It doesnt come cheap of course (not like staying in a budget hotel paying 1200 for a night ) and when they find out the actual expense they see stars.

7. Definately nothing is perfect but even 85-90 % satisfaction is considered good

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